American Tree & Wreath 3-Foot Tree with Color Changing Lights

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We've Created A Monster

Anyone else getting tired of the same old monsters. Dracula? More like Drab-ula! Zombies? A bunch of real zom-bozos! Werewolves? Get-the-hell-outta-here, wolves! Enough with the masked killers using gardening implements, with the typical ghosts and ghouls, and enough with the clowns! No, it’s about time we forge a bold new direction in horror. I’ve even roped in our own resident monster-sculptor @KoolHandJoe for his expert opinions on the matter. Let’s see what we’ve got.


Blood is easy to get. You know what’s hard to get? Bile. What if a monster wants bile? Now that is a creepy substance, and there isn’t really a good way to access it outside of disembowelment. Or they could just make you puke a bunch. It surely stalks the dorms of party schools.

@KoolHandJoe: “I saw a video like this once… um… nevermind… err… omg… I… uh… I meant to say oh no that’s gross… eew.”

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