9-Pack: Unsimply Stitched Mens Dress Socks

  • Dress socks are usually boring
  • These are dress socks and they are not boring
  • There’s not much else to say
  • Their new security system venture is called: UnsimplySafe
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The Stitchuation

I’ll be honest, when I went back to read the comments on the sale of these Unsimply Stitched socks from about a month ago, I merely thought, best to do my due diligence. They’re socks, after all. Moreover, they’re socks we’ve sold before. Like, a lot. So I didn’t expect much excitement.

And boy was I wrong.

Right off the bat, @ronnyd expressed glee:

These are great socks and probably what I’ve bought the most here, lol. It’s been years since Unsimply Stitched has been here, in for 2 sets.

And the positivity just kept flowing, with @SpenceMan01 saying:

These are awesome socks. Got me away from the boring, single-color dress socks. So glad to see these around again. In for 3 sets.

@bleaklewis, meanwhile, was thrilled about how these might disrupt the otherwise stale confines of their sock drawer:

Been meaning to purge all of my worn socks recently. These look like good replacements.

@werehatrack showed similar enthusiasm in the comment that came next:

I’ll rearrange the drawers and sort the existing collection for “not so much” culling when this batch arrives.

A lively discussion of sock drawer re-arranging?! I didn’t know we catered to a community of John Arbuckles!

Just kidding. I definitely did know that.

But the point is: people really love these socks. And you might too! So buy some!

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