80-Pack: Wildfare 100% Mango Fruit Bars

  • The ingredients: 100% dried mango
  • That’s it. Pretty tasty!
  • 1.24oz (35g) of dried mango per bar. That’s over 6 pounds!
  • Throw them in your backpack, workout bag, summer camp lunch boxes, or purse
  • @troy, @mehsterious & @moofi think these are moist and delicious, and are buying some for themselves
  • “Best By 6/21/22” – this is not an expiration, but rather the date by which a manufacturer recommends consumption for best flavor or quality (according to the FDA)
  • Can they make margaritas: you could add one to a margarita, but you might want to re-hydrate first
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Just Mango

You know what our favorite part of these mango bars is? This:


It’s nice, right? Like, we don’t have to spend time trying to sell you on them. You like dried mangos? Then you’ll like these bars.

We will say this: dried fruit is often sorta lame, but dried mango is great, because you get all that sweet candy-like goodness with none of the fresh fruit hassle. None of the overflowing juices. No dealing with the pit. No confusion over how to cut it. Nothing.

Now, the product copy suggests that they’re:

Perfect for breakfast, as a post workout snack, or a delightful addition to a packed lunch.

And that’s all totally true. But you know what else they’d be great for? Travel! Seriously, they’re perfect to bring along if you need a snack while sightseeing! Especially if you’re on a trip to a real fruit-forward location. We’re talking places like:

  • The Mangobi Desert
  • Pearis, France
  • Apricôte d’Azur
  • Daytona Peach
  • Lime-a, Peru
  • Apple-achia
  • Mount Kilimanjar-o-Strawberry Preserves
  • Papaya New Guinea
  • Banantarcica
  • The Grape Barrier Reef

Are these puns exceptionally stupid? You’re damn right they are! But these mango bars? They’re not stupid at all! They’re just mango! So buy them! And then eat them!

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