64-Pack: Daelmans Jumbo Stroopwafels (Chocolate, Honey or Maple)

  • JUMBO!
  • Meaning, slightly bigger than normal stroopwafels
  • Flavor choices include: chocolate, maple, and honey
  • Those are three flavors, not one, just to be entirely clear
  • Model: 5TUP3R-5TR00P3R5
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It’s all about moderation.

Everyone’s learned that lesson the hard way at some point. Maybe it’s playing a great song on repeat until it becomes background noise. Maybe it’s going on the same beautiful nature walk so often that you barely notice your surroundings. Or maybe it’s eating a delicious snack so frequently it ceases to have any flavor at all.

It’s because of that last one that we haven’t offered everyone’s favorite bendy-chewy Dutch delicacy, stroopwafels, for a minute.

Or, maybe it’s not. Maybe we’re just making it sound like this is all part of some well-planned effort, rather than, like, a supply issue or something. Honestly, we don’t even know ourselves anymore.

Point is, we sold stroopwafels pretty often for a time, and then, for a little while at least, we didn’t sell so many. But now, we’re selling them again.

Also, just to be clear: these aren’t the normal-sized stroops. They’re the jumbos. And if you’re like, “how jumbo we talking here?” Well, it’s really only slightly bigger than the regular kind, perhaps just enough to make you think twice about reaching for a second one (before ultimately reaching for [and eating] a second one).

We’re not talking jumbo as in the size of a pizza, delivered to your door with the filling still warm and oozy. Stroopwafels that size unfortunately aren’t available. (Not yet, at least. Daelman’s check your email! We sent a detailed business model for “Stroop Hut” with a logo and everything!)

Something else: we’ve got some flavor choices. But don’t worry. We know how these things can go, when a company gets all enterprising and tries to fix things that aren’t broken. Like, remember when Subway offered personal pizzas? And Panera was like, “we have pasta now”? This isn’t that. The flavors are definitely a single degree of separation from the classic stroopwafel caramel. We’re talking honey, maple, or chocolate. No matcha, no truffle parmesan, nothing stupid.

Anything else left to cover? No?

Okay look, we know today’s copy hasn’t exactly had a lot of forward momentum, but then again, does it really need any? After all, they’re stroopwafels. It doesn’t matter what we say. You’re gonna buy them and you’re gonna devour them and you’re gonna love them.

So why don’t you go ahead and click the button up there to get that process started.

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