6-Pack: Philips Sonicare Optimal Plaque Control Toothbrush Heads With Brushsync

  • Six brush heads for your Sonicare toothbrush.
  • Genuine brand name replacements; no funny business.
  • Not $10 each.
  • If you don’t have a fancy toothbrush, we’ve got you covered over on SideDeal
  • Can it make a margarita? “Sonically stirred” sounds like plausible hipster nonsense, doesn’t it?
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Feast and Famine

Look at you, heavy hitter, standing there with the satisfying heft of a totally full bottle of ketchup in your hand. You just peeled off the safety seal and know that a quick two shakes of the bottle will send that giant blob of untouched tomato goodness down to the spout end. Then you pop the cap and let her rip, a blast of ketchup firing into the center of your burger patty like a fire hose. Another squiggle for the fries. Hell, throw a dipping puddle over there on the edge of the plate. This world has been good to you, after all.

Later on, time for a shave. Maybe it’s your face. Maybe it’s your legs. Doesn’t matter. You’ve got brand-new blades for your disposable razor. The old one looks a bit dull. Throw that sucker in the trash and lather up. You’ve been blessed, you know? Shave like the royalty that you are.

Okay, time to take a dump. We’re not sure why you’re over-sharing like this either, but thanks for bringing us along for the ride. Just listen to that thick roll of toilet paper spin as you peel off layer after layer of two-ply. Look at that pillowy stack. You could use that thing to stop the bleeding from a damn gunshot wound. But again: you deserve it.

Just enjoy it while it lasts, hot shot. Because nothing lasts forever.

Fast forward a bit. You’ve been reefing on that feather-light bottle of ketchup for five minutes, desperately trying to condiment fart your way to a splotch or two of the red stuff on your plate. After that you’re eying the gently-rusted, basically mangled shaving razor that you should have swapped out weeks ago. Damned if you weren’t throwing those sons of bitches away like junk mail when you first opened up the multipack. At this point, you’d be better off shaving with broken glass. Oh, and enjoy wiping, Dr. Featherpad, because you’re down to the final sheets of your last roll, and if your finger pokes through you’re going to end up finishing the job with the cardboard tube.

It’s not your fault, though. Welcome to the feast and famine world of modern consumables, where convenience is unprecedented, choice is endless, and yet somehow we still end up squeezing the absolute hell out of the empty toothpaste tube rather than admit that it’s time to pony up for a new one. Oh, and speaking of teeth, bet you didn’t realize when you spent north of a hundred bucks on a really fancy toothbrush that eventually you’d burn through the complementary replacement brush head and then be expected to drop SIXTY DOLLARS on a pack of replacements.

Yeah, that’s why they usually come with two—so you can use the first one for a month as directed and the next one for a year and a half while you try to decide whether it’d annoy you more to shell out ten bucks a piece on brush heads or to go buy a different vibrating toothbrush that costs like $5.99 and has a cool cartoon character on it.

It’ll be okay, though. For all things there are seasons. And it turns out that for $24.99 you can at least be flush with toothbrush heads for the better part of a year.

That’s today’s deal. It’s more than a discount consumer purchase. It’s an act of liberation. Don’t call us heroes. Because we know we’re heroes.

Probably quit cutting it so close with the toilet paper, though.

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