50-Pack: KN95 5-Layer Non-Medical Protective Masks

  • Put them over your face and the stuff from your mouth doesn’t go so far
  • Also, stuff that’s in the air doesn’t get in as easily
  • Good back-ups for your reusable masks
  • With 5 layers they’re great for home projects like painting or yard work
  • Wear one, okay?
  • Model: W1ND0W5-KN95
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A Minor Dust Up

The exciting news from my house is that we recently had our basement reinforced. It was expensive, but necessary.

Of course, the issue with every home renovation project is that it’s always a little more complicated than just forking over a big pile of money and getting something done. For example, in order for them to come in and put the beams in, we had to have some plumbing moved. Also some electric. Which obviously meant we had to hire a plumber and an electrician. All of the people we worked with were great, but it still required coordination.

And then there was the stuff we had to do ourselves. Like removing some ceiling materials that the previous owner had installed so that the reinforcement workers could have joist access. That meant walking around with a crowbar ripping stuff down, which might’ve been fun were it not for all the ancient basement dust raining down on us.

But here’s the thing: not only are we loaded with cloth masks right now, but we’ve a bunch of these semi-disposable backups, which would be great in such a messy situation. After all, we don’t want to risk our stylish supermarket-ready masks getting soiled to the point of no return.

So did I? Did I realize that the situation called for a mask, and that I happened to have a whole pack of unopened KN95s right upstairs?

No! Of course not! Because I’m an absolute moron! Seriously, an enormous dingus! We’re talking a total fucking idiot!

Anyway, what’s the point of all this? It’s pretty simple, actually: there are obvious benefits of having a pack of masks stashed in our cars in case we pull into the grocery store parking lot and realize we forgot our superior reusable one at home. But believe me, there will be plenty of times in your future when inhaling the air around you will be less-than-ideal. And so, if you make it out of “these times” with leftover masks, we’re willing to bet they won’t go unused.

Unless you just forget to wear them. Like I did.

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