50-Count (Individually Wrapped) KN95 High Efficiency Respirator Masks

  • Sigh Masks
  • These are KN95, which means they’re the good, super-layered ones
  • Individually wrapped so you can pack a few just in case
  • Sigh again
  • Model: R3TURN-0F-TH3-M45K
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Back Again

Oh no, you probably think when you see the photo at the top left corner of the page, the masks are back.

And we get that. Really, we do. Because we don’t want to be doing this either.

Seriously, you think this is fun for any of us here at Meh? You think the buyers are like, “Oh sweet! I get to take a break from sourcing dope speakers from Denmark and hilarious as-seen-on-TV products for picking up spiders so that I can order a buttload of KN95 masks”?

And the photography department, you think they’re totally pumped about this? You think they can’t wait to adjust the lighting so it’s just right to capture the many facets of this product that is about as interesting to look at as a folded piece of card stock?

As the primary member of the copy department, I can tell you, I’m definitely not jazzed about the return of masks. I’d rather be making coffee puns for some cold brew concentrate or imagining the inner monologue of a drone or some shit. Hell, I’d rather write about those damn TrackR Pixels.

Or, if I’m going to have to write about masks, I’d prefer it be a yuk-yuk-yuk, self-deprecating ‘boy, did we overdo it on that last mask order!’ kind of deal.

I definitely don’t want to be here talking about how these masks are practical again. And I definitely don’t want to tell you about how they’re individually wrapped so you can put a few in your purse or your briefcase in case you need one (because you’re probably going to need one) again.

But alas…

Here we are.

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