5-Pack: Men's Moisture Wicking Performance Mesh Shorts

  • Kinda like pants but they end early
  • Moisture wicking means they won’t get uncomfortable if you sweat in them
  • Good for doing stuff or doing nothing
  • Here’s a size chart
  • Favorite new wav band: De-mesh Mode
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There are stretches of every lawn that’ll make mowing feel like a dream: those long flat straightaways where you can see exactly where you’ve been and where you have left to go.

And then there are the other parts of the lawn. The weird hilly part. The part with all the bushes to mow around. The part that’s a weird minefield of little stumps large enough to mess with your blade but small enough to be obscured by a couple weeks of grass growth. The part where things don’t seem to grow, and so when you mow through it, you kick up a cloud of dust that coats your clothing and skin.

Which is to so say nothing about the conditions unrelated to the ground. It’s gonna be hot. You’re gonna sweat. And unless you’ve got something that’s electric, you’re gonna end up smelling a little like gas too.

How does this relate to these shorts? It’s simple: you could wear them while you mow.

After all, what we’ve just established is that mowing is not the kind of activity where it’s a good idea to get decked out in high fashion. You need something breathable and comfortable that can stand up to a little perspiration.

You know what else they’re great for? When you need to run to the store for a few things but don’t want put on a belt.

You know what else they’re great for? When you’re not doing anything: not mowing, not running errands, not leaving the house for any reason, just sitting around drinking Arnold Palmers and watching Netflix.

Point is: these shorts are comfy. And comfy stuff is something you can never have enough of.

So buy some shorts!

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