5-Pack: Atomic Beam TapLights

  • You touch the light, they light up
  • You touch the light again, they turn off
  • Easy to stick to the wall or wherever
  • Takes 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Model: 13373 (“Just be cool and try and blend in” - the one and the seven)
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Wow, a 5-pack of touchscreen lights for just $15? That’s amazing! Like, we’re talking $3 for each touchscreen light!

Yes, touchscreen lights. You read that correctly.

Think about it: a touchscreen is a surface you touch when you want a thing to do a thing. Like, when you want your phone to play a podcast, or you want to turn on the AC, or you want to see how many calories you’re burning per hour on the treadmill. You tap the screen. It does the thing.

These lights do one thing. They light up. And to get them to light up? You tap them. Hence, they’re touchscreen lights. Which honestly means we should probably be charging a lot more, given how advanced the technology is.

Okay, fine. They’re just tap lights. And there’s not much to say about them, except this: you won’t regret buying them.

First off, as we said at the start, it’s a 5-pack for $15. If you use one, and then give a couple to your friends, and keep the rest in a drawer for the rest of time, it’s not like you’re going to wake up in the middle of the night feeling antsy about whether or not it was a worthwhile purchase.

Second, you actually don’t need to worry about that, because you are going to use them. There are places in your home that the light doesn’t reach. That’s not a euphemism. It’s not poetic language. It’s a fact. Like, there’s that dark corner of your closet. Or that weird shadow your cabinet casts on the counter that seems to eat your wallet and your keys every other day. Or there’s, like, the million pitch-black nooks and crannies in your basement.

Usually, when you need something from these places, you awkwardly shine your phone light around. But you don’t have to anymore, not with these touchscree-- er, tap lights.

So buy 'em.

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