4-Piece University Games Family Game Night Collection

  • Some good simple fun for the whole family
  • Unless you’ve got a family full of fun-hating jerks
  • You get :59 Seconds, Bing-Oh!, Risk & Reward, and Scribble Dash
  • Model: 1-C4LL3D-64M3
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Simpler Times

These games are not as well-known as the classics but for less than $5 each they’re inexpensive entertainment for the family or a date.

Look, we’re living in a number of simultaneous golden ages at the moment. The golden age of television. The golden age of craft beer. The golden age of coffee. The golden age of video games. The golden age of board games. And so on, and so forth.

In a lot of ways, that’s awesome, right? Quality over quantity! Less formulaic bullshit! More true artistry! A desire to achieve beauty above all else!

But, if we’re honest, the golden age of golden ages can also get a bit tiring.

Like, giving characters a rich inner life is a great idea on paper, but in practice, it means a show that started with a mysterious murder takes a four episode detour so all the people involved can stew over their failed marriages and unsatisfying affairs.

Also, it’s cool to taste the care the brewers put into that new hazy IPA, but it gets a little annoying when it can only be fully enjoyed at exactly 45 degrees and for no less than $20 a four pack.

Pour over coffee is delicious! The only problem: if you wake up at 6:30, the first cup will be ready around, say, 7:45.

And while the graphics of that new zombie game might be beautiful, sometimes you just want the old school thrill of blasting wave after wave of the pixelated undead, rather than taking seven hours of your day to find an axe with which to chop down the trees that will make up your post-apocalyptic shelter or whatever.

Still, worst of all are the intricate, super involved board games. Sure, it’s fantastic to lose yourself for an entire afternoon in some epic campaign on the table in front of you. But that’s only possible after you and a group of similarly devoted gamers go through a few grueling sessions, learning the rules and feeling out the dynamics of play. And if you want to introduce another player to the spread, they need what is the equivalent of a new hire orientation session.

Again, can it be worth it? Absolutely.

But sometimes you just want something easy and brainless. You want to watch a three-camera sitcom with a cheap domestic cold one, or you want to get a cup of cheap drip coffee from Dunkin and plow through a classic side-scroller.

Similarly, sometimes you just want to turn off the screens, sit around the table, and enjoy a game or activity whose rules can be learned in five minutes, if those involved don’t already know them by heart.

These are that! So get them, and enjoy some non-golden-aged simplicity for a change.

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