4-Pack: Xtreme Sound Sidekick Bluetooth Earbuds with Virtual Assistant

  • 4 pairs of wireless earbuds for $10
  • That’s $1.25 per bud
  • Although, that’s misleading to say, because the buds are attached to each other
  • Choose your colors: 2 navy and 2 gunmetal; or 1 navy, 1 gunmetal, 1 lilac, and 1 sapphire; or just 4 navy
  • Model: XTR3M3-T34M
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An Easy Decision

So, it’s a 4-pack of earbuds for $10. That’s probably as much information as you need to decide whether you’re going to buy these or not.

But we’ll give you more anyway!

First off, these are wireless but not true wireless. That means they’ve got the wire that attaches the buds. Some people don’t like this, because the wire hangs around the back of your neck. Other people, meanwhile, prefer them, because it’s harder to lose things that are tethered together. Here’s what else to know: there are some different color options. You can either get 2 navy and 2 gunmetal; or 1 navy, 1 gunmetal, 1 lilac, and 1 sapphire; or just 4 navy. In other words, you have to decide how much you value variety.

But in terms of how they sound? Well, again, it’s a 4-pack for $10. But we will say two things. First, any earbuds are better than no earbuds. If your best pair craps out, it’s good to have some backups. And second, not everything has to sound amazing. Like, if you’re listening to a podcast while getting some chores done around the house, you don’t need some mega-hi-fi buds. In fact, having a few extra pairs means using your better buds less, thus reducing wear and tear.

And if you’re new to the world of podcasts–or you’re burnt out on your regular shows and want something a little different–we’ve got a few suggestions!

Bridgerton or Bridgers Tone: Every week, audio engineers Rebecca Belkin and Kory Tides (of the Sound Off and Audio-No! Substacks, respectively) listen to an isolated second of audio and debate whether they believe it’s been extracted from the Netflix show Bridgerton or a track by singer-songwriter, Phoebe Bridgers.

Salternative News: What separates Salternative News from the plethora of other salt-related podcasts out there? It’s simple. Despite host Norman Derby having decades of experience working for Morton, his show is not sponsored by one of the major salt brands, thus allowing him to say what’s really going on in the world of salt.

Cash Cab Cab Sauv Crab Catch: The only podcast in which two leading crabbers, Tiffany Kent and Marley Comptin, drink an entire bottle of cabernet sauvignon and then discuss their favorite episodes of Cash Cab.

And of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are great new podcasts released every day. So get a 4-pack of earbuds and get listening!

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