4-Pack: Trident Extra-Large 100% Cotton Pool Towels

  • You know towels? These are those!
  • They look cool and they’re soft as hell
  • Also, they’re pretty big
  • Well, that about covers it
  • Model THR0W-1N-TH3-T0W3L
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Hot Tub Towel Machine

“Hey, thanks for having me over!”

“No, thank you for coming over! I’ve been dying to watch this, but so few people have been interested in joining me.”

“Really? That’s crazy. Hot Tub Time Machine is great! Then again, I just love totally over-the-top comedies, so–”

“Oh, wait. Was there an autocorrect issue? We’re not watching Hot Tub Time Machine.”

“We’re not?”

“No, we’re watching Hot Tub Towel Machine.”


“You see, I got these extra-large 100% cotton Trident towels for around the pool and the hot tub, and I couldn’t believe how soft they were. Seriously, they look good and feel even better! And I just kept thinking, ‘How?’ Like, ‘How so soft?’ and ‘How so stylish?’ So I Googled around, and sure enough, there’s a Netflix docu-series about them. Hot Tub Towel Machine: The Rise of Trident.”

“Sorry, did you say docu-series?”

“Yeah. Ten one-hour episodes.”

“And you want to watch one or two of those?”

“Nah, I was thinking we’d binge the whole thing!”


“Look, if you don’t want to watch that, we can turn on Train To Oslo.”

“Is that a thriller?”

“It’s literally just four hours of footage of a train making its way across Norway to Oslo.”


“And then, when we’re done, we can drink margaritas in the hot tub, and you can see just how soft these Trident Towels are. After all, I got a four-pack, so there’s plenty to share.”

“I’m in!”

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