4-Pack: Halloween Solar-Powered String Lights

  • You know that holiday that happened yesterday?
  • It’s gonna happen again in a year
  • Spend a little money to get a bunch of lights to decorate your house come next October
  • That’s 240 FEET of string lights powered by the sun
  • 500 LED lights, you’ll be like the Clark Griswold of Halloween… Next year
  • And if you want something you can enjoy sooner, maybe check out the great wines available over at Casemates
  • Model: 1T5-L1T
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Halloween Lights... NOW?!

You know what’s nice about running a site like Meh? Our customers are smart! And when you have smart customers, you don’t need to state the obvious.

Some other site? They’d have to write up a big explanation of how deals work. Otherwise, their customers would see this product and be all like, “But nameless retail site, Halloween yesterday! Today no Halloween! Me no need Halloween lights now! Me wait until October next year and then me pay premium price for same Halloween lights!”

These same people probably buy their wine one bottle at a time. They get in the mood for some wine. They go to the store. They buy something for way too much money. They drink it. And the next day, the cycle starts all over again.

But not Meh customers. No, Meh customers know that if they think ahead, they buy great wine for great prices in bulk over at Casemates, just like they know that November 1st–the day on the calendar that as far from next Halloween as you can get–is actually the perfect time to buy Halloween stuff.

Because Meh customers understand that, unlike the wine sold over at Casemates, these lights don’t get better with age. They just sit in a warehouse collecting dust, and more importantly, taking up valuable space that could be filled by lights for holidays that aren’t an entire year away. Like Arbor Day. Or National Donut Day. Or, oh yeah, that’s right, Christmas.

And so Meh customers understand that they’re part of a symbiotic commerce relationship. We help the Halloween light makers offload their excess product, which is good for them. And then we offload it onto our customers, which is good for us. And our customers get dope Halloween lights for way cheaper than they would if they bought in season, which is good for them.

It all makes perfect sense, and it is all understood by our customers. Which is a relief. Because that means we don’t have to use this space to explain it.

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