4-Pack: Kenn & Kitt Deodorizing Hypoallergenic Vet-Formulated Dog Shampoo

  • You get 3 eucalyptus-scented and 1 coconut-scented shampoo
  • Smells great!
  • Moisturizes your dog’s dry skin
  • What if your dog hates the bath: then get some treats to bribe them with, like these from Kenn & Kits we have over on SideDeal
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Dog Days of Winter

There’s nothing quite like the first big winter storm, is there?

You muscle your way through the grocery store to load up on essentials the day before, and then you cozy up inside to watch it all unfold. It always starts off slow, doesn’t it? You think, maybe we’re not going to get as much as they said. But soon enough, it’s really coming down, and after not too long, your gray, dead winter lawn is covered by a pristine sheet of fluffy white. The leafless trees look beautiful all decked out. And at night, the moon reflects off the freshly fallen powder, giving the air a touch of that special winter magic.

And then the next day, the snow is still there. And the next day after that too. And the day the day after that also. Then it gets a little warmer and the snow melts a little bit. Then it gets a little colder and the snow refreezes. And it gets a little warmer and melts. A little colder, freezes. Warmer, melts. Colder, freezes. Warmer, melts. Colder, freezes.

All of this combines to reduce that beautiful pillowy white snow to a gross slush of mud and ice that will give way to rivers of sludge come the spring thaw.

What does any of this have to do with what we’re selling today?


Because the grosser it is outside, the grosser your dogs are going to get when they go out for walks or to go potty. And since they’re dogs and they’re inherently gross, they’re gonna have no problem running right inside, tracking in the nasty ass ground and generally stinking up the place.

Now, you can get by for a little while with wipes and a towel by the door. But those are like putting deodorant on between showers: it can work to mask the problem for a day or two, but eventually, some actual bathing is in order.

This is for when things get to that point. It’s some bougie, delightfully scented, vet-formulated dog shampoo.

Which, by the way, means it’s a great option if you want Fido looking, smelling, and feeling good while you host family during the holidays.

So get some and keep your dog-friends clean during the messiest time of year!

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