4-Pack: Men's & Women's Performance Tech Fleece Shorts with Long Zippered Pocket

  • Not the Maserati of shorts; the Toyota of shorts (and a Corolla at that; reliable and totally fine)
  • Big zippers for big pockets
  • Made of tech fleece (but they’re shorts, so they won’t be too hot)
  • Size chart for Men’s & Women’s
  • Can they make a margarita: No, but they can absorb a margarita spill no problem!
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They're Shorts

They’re shorts. They’re tech fleece. They’ve got a big zipper.

That’s it.

Should you buy them? To answer that question, all you need to do is look at the photos and ask yourself if they’re the kind of thing you would NEVER wear. We put that in bold because that really is all you need to know.

It’s not: are they your style?

It’s not: do you love them?

It’s literally: if you were to be seen wearing these while walking your dog at 7 am on a muggy Tuesday morning, would you be embarrassed? Or: if you were on a long road trip and you had to stop for snacks and a bathroom break, would you feel uncomfortable being seen in these?

(And, by the way, the answer to both of these questions should be no. Early morning dog-walking and highway stops are the international waters of fashion. Just about anything goes.)

Now, if you’re like, “But wait, I have shorts I like that are more fashionable than these. Why should I buy a bunch of shorts I don’t like as much?” the answer is simple: to preserve those other ones! After all, nothing’s worse than throwing on your favorite shorts first thing in the morning, and then immediately spilling coffee or cereal milk on them, thus ruining the outfit you’d planned to wear for the remainder of the day.

THESE can be your morning coffee and breakfast shorts. They can be the shorts you throw on when you get home from your job and want to peel off your uncomfortable work clothes but don’t want to risk messing up something that you’d actually be willing to wear in public. They can be the shorts you wear while picking up around the house or mowing the lawn before you have friends over for a cookout. And then, you can toss them aside and put on the weirdly stylish $75 shorts you bought on a whim from a targeted Instagram ad just before people show up.

In conclusion: they are shorts.

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