4-Pack: Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Towels

  • They aren’t cool, but they’ll keep you cool
  • Just soak 'em, wring 'em, and snap 'em to activate up to 2 hours of cooling power
  • When you’re done, you can toss 'em in the washing machine
  • Not sure why we’re saying “'em” so much
  • Model: C00L-T0W3L-W0RLD
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Cooling Towels: A Buying Guide

It’s important to be an informed consumer, so you can be sure you’re getting what you really need. And here at Meh, we believe it’s our job to keep you as informed as possible. That’s why we fill this space with helpful information, so you don’t have to scour the internet doing research before making your purchase.

Even with a product as simple and self-explanatory as what we’re selling today, we strive to provide an honest and educational shopping experience. Which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive buying guide on…

How to Tell the Difference Between a Cooling Towel and a Cool Towel

A cooling towel is great for use after a strenuous workout or just a long day outside in the summer heat.

This is because a cooling towel is designed to instantly cool body temperature when wet.

All you need to do to activate a cooling towel is soak it in water, wring it out, and snap it.

Once you’ve done this, a cooling towel will stay cool for up to two hours.

After you’re done using a cooling towel, you can just toss it in the washing machine. Easy as that!

On the other hand…

A cool towel is just, like, a really cool towel.

A cool towel’s stepdad got it a new dirt bike for its fourteenth birthday, and it’ll let you ride it whenever you want, because a cool towel doesn’t feel comfortable with the concept of “ownership.”

They say that, in high school, a cool towel can skip all of its class and smoke pot under the bleachers, yet still manage to solve a mathematical equations that stump most doctoral students.

If you’re ever at a bar and you’re feeling down, a cool towel will show up and ask if you want to talk about it, and not in the way where it’s just the polite thing to say; it’ll seem genuinely interested in your emotional well being, thus compelling you to discuss what’s been going on.

In response, a cool towel will just listen, only interjecting once in a while, with truly insightful comments.

Then, when you’re feeling better, a cool towel will be like, “I gotta roll, friend. Need to go to jujitsu class before hitting Club Indigo tonight. Maybe I’ll see you there?”

And when you’re like, “There’s no way I could get into Club Indigo,” **a cool towel will laugh, clap you on the back, and say, “Just tell 'em you’re with me.”

Later, when it’s time to cash out and take off, the bartender will shake his head and tell you there’s nothing to pay. “A cool towel covered your tab before it left,” he’ll say. “And all the other tabs, too.”

And that is the difference between a cooling towel and a cool towel. We hope this helps you make an informed purchasing decision. Of course, if you have further insights into either kind (cooling or cool), be sure to post them in the comments.

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