36-Pack: KASHI Assorted Cereal Bowls

  • This stuff is best by 3/28
  • Given that you receive 36 individual servings of assorted flavors, if you eat two boxes a day, you might make it
  • Also, like, it’s dry cereal, right?
  • Like, we would never tell you to ignore a best-by date, but…
  • Still, you probably don’t want to buy this to eat, like, next year or something
  • (This is why we’re selling it for so cheap)
  • Model: L0W-C45H-K45H1
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Eat Fast

In honor of this 36-pack of assorted Kashi Cereals (best by date is 3/28, so eat it FAST) and “Samurai in the Stars” (two totally rad designs re-imagining your favorite Star Wars characters, available now from Mediocritee), we present:

A Supremely Stupid Star Wars Joke

Thus concludes:

A Supremely Stupid Star Wars Joke

Think you can do better? (Or worse?) Then go ahead and post your joke in the comments.

And don’t forget: these designs are currently for sale over on Mediocritee!

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