3-Piece Sultra Vixen and Wet Brush Styling Set

  • Use it to give yourself curls or waves, or just to cut down on frizz
  • Dryer Brush has 1000 watts of hair-altering power
  • 2 heat settings for when you need… another heat setting
  • Styling iron has 410 degrees of style-inducing power
  • Also comes with a WET brand brush for easy de-tangling power
  • Just a whole lot of power all directed at your hair
  • Look, it’s good, okay?
  • Model: T0M-54WY3R-8Y-8RU5H*
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As The Brush Curls

We now return to… A Brush With Fate*:*

“Mama,” Polly cried, making her way into the sitting room. “I thought we were to be hosting the Donaldsons in the solarium for cocktails, but–Oh, momma, have you fallen?”

Polly rushed to her mother Gwendolyn’s side where she sat in the middle of the floor, but the older woman refused to be helped up by her teenage daughter.

“Go away, my dear,” said Gwendolyn. “I do not deserve your help.”

“What do you mean, momma?” Polly said.

“I mean I’ve been lying to you,” Gwendolyn said, “about who your father is. At the time of your conception, I had not been intimate with the man you call ‘papa’ in nearly three years. He seemed always to be tending to the oil futures market and never had time for me. After a while, I couldn’t take it. And so I had an affair with a handsome straight-haired stranger who was passing through town one night when your quote-un-quote father was occupied, and you were born nine months later.”

“But that’s impossible, mama,” Polly said, gripping her hair. “For I have luscious curls just like papa.”

Gwendolyn sighed. “That’s because, each night, I sneak into your room while you’re sleeping and use a Sultra Vixen Volumizing Dryer Brush to give your hair added volume, curls, and voluptuous waves. It’s the only way I can keep the evidence of my infidelity from coming to light. But it’s difficult to live such a lie. So I’ve told you the truth. Now I must tell your father, though I don’t know how.”

“You just did,” Richard said, rising from his hiding place behind the fainting couch.

“Papa!” Polly cried.

“My love!” Gwendolyn cried.

“Silence, both of you,” Richard said. “For I have my own confession to make. Gwendolyn, you should know something: I was afraid for you to see my passionate side, was afraid that if you did, you would cease to respect me. So lo those many years ago, I disguised myself as a straight-haired stranger. What I’m saying is, the man you had an affair with is… me.”

Wife and daughter gasped in unison.

“For that reason, every night,” he said, “I sneak into our daughter’s room behind you and unplug the Sultra Vixen Volumizing Dryer Brush while you are curling our daughter’s already naturally curly hair.”

“Only it’s not natural,” Polly said. “Because there’s something I must confess: I am not your daughter, Polly. I am Angelica. Do you remember two years ago? The trip to the ski resort in the Swiss Alps? Polly and I met there. She is creative despite the sternness of her upbringing here. I, meanwhile, am prim and proper, despite being raised by a pair of artists. So we decided to switch places.”

“But you look and sound just like our daughter,” Gwendolyn said.

“We are identical in all ways,” Polly said, “but one. I have straight, frizzy hair. And so, each night, after you’ve both left my room, I sneak into your bathroom, retrieve the Sultra Vixen Volumizing Dryer Brush, bring it back here, and use it to give myself the voluptuous curls your daughter is so known for.”

“I don’t believe it!” Richard said. “Let’s see you in some real light, shall we?”

He moved to turn on a lamp, but just then, it reached up and removed its shade, revealing itself to be a man in disguise.

“Hello, Angelica,” said the man.

“Sergio,” Angelica cried. “You’ve found me!”

To be continued on the next episode of… A Brush With Fate.

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