3-Pack: Men's & Women's Fleece-Lined Hoodies

  • Features a built-in hat known as a “hood”
  • 60% polyester, 40% cotton, 100% torso-shaped
  • They run a little small, so size up (size chart here)
  • Why the copywriter is angry: Because we sold these in October and now in February but not in December, so he didn’t get to make a “Fleece Navidad” joke (Except… maybe he just did?!)
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Comfy, Cheap, Maybe a Little Small

Okay, let’s keep this one simple. We sold these hoodies in October of last year, and here is what we’ve learned from the comments on that sale.

First, that they are comfy:

For $8 a piece I’m not complaining. Quality is very good. They are comfortable and warm for intended use. Sizing is slightly small for a male size description. The burgundy one had the label and the tag stated color navy. Thankfully the packer went by actual color.

Second, that they run a little small:

Mine arrived today. I am 5 foot, 10½" tall and medium sized shirts and hoodies usually fit just right. I will say that these are a little snug, especially in the arms. They are quite comfy though.

Actually, maybe a lot small:

Got mine and boy do they run small. Thought they might so I ordered 2XL rather than the XL that I normally order and the 2XL are very snug. Don’t think they will fit after they are washed.

Third, that the zippers are on the left, even for the men’s hoodies:

Also several people said the both the men’s and woman’s zippers zipped on the left and several someones said they run small but I couldn’t tell if they had bought woman’s or men’s (although these appear to be “unisex”)… so it sounds to me like sizing is a crap shoot.

Fourth, well, there isn’t really a fourth one because those last ones were 80% polyester, and apparently an affront to humanity, but good news, these ones today have 20% LESS polyester! So they’re 60% Polyester, 40% cotton.

Fifth and finally, that people are BEGGING for us to sell them once more:

Can I order these again???

Fine, we’ll admit it. By “people” we mean… one person.

So, here you go, @camilleberg! Your day has come!

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