3-Pack: Men's and Women's Comfort Lounge Pants with Pockets

  • These are lightweight breathable lounge pants
  • Like they’re not fleece or anything
  • Slimmer fit for the gents; Looser fit for the ladies
  • Ooh pockets!
  • Are there any shirts to pair them with, preferably ones celebrating Lord of the Rings and/or tourism: Yes, over at Mediocritee
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Jargon Free

Lounge pants. Pajama pants. Comfies.

You can use whatever name you want. But one thing you’ll never call them is “fancy.” And you know what? That’s nice. If you think about it, lounge pants (or pajama pants, or comfies) might be one of the last products untouched by jargon.

You might say: “What about socks?” But that would only mean you haven’t read the product copy for compression socks. Pillows, underwear, fresh produce–they’re all replete with “technological advances,” “improvements,” and “innovations.”

But not lounge pants. (Or pajama pants. Or comfies.)

No. There’s no “BoxiCut Styling® allows for a universal fit, regardless of leg musculature.” There’s no “Patented stain-notice-resistant flashy print technology makes it harder for onlookers to tell what’s a stain and what’s part of the pattern.” There’s no “wrinkle-concern-free construction allows you to wear them without any regard for how wrinkled they are.”

They’re just lounge pants. (Or pajama pants. Or comfies.)

They’re what you slip into on a Sunday morning, right after getting out of bed and right before getting onto the couch. Or what you put on when you get home from work and are faced with a delightful Wednesday evening with no plans except some Hulu and a glass of wine.

Like, say, maybe a glass of the Inzinerator from Scott Harvey, for sale today over on Casemates. With some delightful d&d inspired packaging and notes of jammy fruit, pepper, and mulberry spice cake all giving way to a dark chocolate umami center, it’s a great bottle to pull for any night of the week!

And yes, we know what you’re thinking: Why are you selling some wine harder than you’re selling the actual product for sale here today?

Because, again: these are lounge pants (or pajama pants, or comfies), and so there’s nothing to sell.

Except, we really do want you to buy them. So please: buy them.

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