208-Count: Stuffed Puffs Classic Milk Chocolate Marshmallows (8x 17oz Bags)

$0.18/oz (vs $0.40/oz)

  • They’re marshmallows filled with milk chocolate
  • Basically 2/3rds of a s’more, right there; video inspiration HERE
  • Could use them to make snack bars or rocky road cookies or just eat them out of the bag
  • Add them to hot chocolate for even more chocolate (and mallow)
  • Maybe even do something for Halloween with 'em, who knows, the sky’s the limit
  • Best by 12/31/2022 - 03/31/2023
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S’more the Merrier

Am I the only one who finds s’mores inconvenient? Unwieldy?

S’mores taste incredible, don’t get me wrong. All the components compliment each other perfectly. But the cracker breaks apart into crumbs as you bite, the chocolate seeps out the sides, getting on your hands, and the traditional marshmallow doesn’t spread as evenly as the chocolate. They are just a mess.

Which sucks because, one, you’re making a mess and, two, in making that mess you’re losing pieces of it to the environment! Falling on the floor, melting onto your hands, sticking to the sides of your mouth… I hate it.

So what is there to do about it. Will I give up on the perfection of s’more flavor because of these petty grievances? Heck no. Plenty of snacks end up making s’mores variations of themselves and those taste great, often without those downsides. Although, they never quite capture the feel of the original thing, because the qualities were still shoehorned onto an existing product. It’s time the s’more evolved. Integrated all its components into a single, complete piece of heavenly perfection.

And these things, these “Stuffed Puffs,” are a step in the right direction. Contain the chocolate inside the still malleable yet more structured marshmallow. The chocolate doesn’t leave until you’re chewing the marshmallow, and the marshmallow does not need to spread at an equal rate with the chocolate. It’s already been calculated. That still leaves the graham cracker, but I have faith in the science. Our top people are on it, I bet. They’ll find a solution some day.

In the meantime, I’m thinking what if I make one of these things melty on a stick and roll it in crumbled cracker. I suggest you do the same.

If you don’t, well then I guess that’s s’more for me, haha!

“He did it, he said the thing!” someone somewhere yells.

Sirens go off, confetti falls from the ceiling. Armed individuals in kevlar vests and tactical helmets break down my door.

They hand me a bouquet of roses, a sash, and a tiara before promptly tossing me off a building.

Everyone applauds. I’m never heard from again. Buy some marshmallows.

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