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2-Pack: CobaltX Adjustable 2-in1 Smartphone/Tablet Stand

  • Put your phone or tablet in it, and then you don’t have to hold your phone or tablet
  • But if you want to move it, you can, because it’s what the French call “ajustable”
  • (That’s French for adjustable)
  • Model: W3-5T4N-4-5T4ND5
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This isn’t exactly your standard stand, but it does set the stand for standards, sorry, the standard for Stans, sorry, the standard for stands.

When it comes to stands, these stands stand alone, stranded, if you will, away from the stranded sands, sorry, the sanded strands, sorry, the span deterred sans, sorry, the standard strands.

Hypothetical situation: you’re sitting and reading a copy of Stephen King’s The Strand which you bought at famed bookstore The Stand, sorry, a copy of Stephen King’s The Stand which you bought at famed bookstore The Strand, and so you want to–

Wait, sorry, since we’re talking about phone strands, sorry, phone sands, sorry, phone scans, sorry, phone stands–if we’re talking about phone stands, it would have to be digital, and therefore, it wouldn’t be a copy purchased at The Strand, sorry, The Stand, sorry, right the first time, The Strand, although, sorry, it’s possible that there’s a strand where books are sold, sorry, a stand where books are cold, sorry, a stand where books are sold.

What we’re saying is, if you’re reading Stephen King’s The Stand on your phone, or perhaps Stephen King’s The Body, upon which the film Scanned By Me, sorry, the film Sam, Ed, By Me, sorry, Planned By Me, Sorry, Stand By Me–upon which the film Stand By Me is based–

Wait, where were we?

Right, if you’re reading Stephen King’s The Stand, and you want to crochet, you could mount it with one of these spans, sorry, stands, and if you were to strand up, sorry, scanned up, sorry, stand up–anyway, you could adjust these based on your position.

You see what we’re saying here?

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