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Renege of the Sith

Have you ever heard the Tragedy of Darth Goofus the Very Unwise?

While Darth Goofus’s tenure is marked primarily by failures to do anything significant for the Sith cause, he did have one peculiar instance of success in throwing the government of one system into chaos.

Following a fruitless night of cavorting, Goofus left his lightsaber in the palatial estate of a political official who’d been hosting a wild party. The official, curious about the device, turned it on when they expected nobody was looking. Upon seeing the red blade emerge, the official quickly shut it off, but not before being spotted by a groundskeeper. Goofus would covertly recover the lightsaber later.

Rumors began to spread concerning the presence of Sith adherents in the government. Investigations turned into witch hunts. Politicians used the atmosphere to cast suspicion on their rivals. The Jedi would eventually arrive to settle things, but by that point it was too late. Fear had consumed the populace which firmly believed that the Sith had deeply infiltrated their society, and they could be anywhere, or anyone. Once again the imposing shadow of the Sith loomed over the galaxy.

Good job, Goofus. You did something for once.

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