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Renege of the Sith

Have you ever heard the Tragedy of Darth Goofus the Very Unwise?

…and the remaining Jedi watched, having already resigned themselves to dying that day knowing that at least they had fought valiantly, as a man, unclothed and sopping wet, likely an abused prisoner or servant of the Sith Lord, ran into the atrium at a full sprint. Wild and desperate in countenance, he approached the enemy with an unnatural speed before diving forward. In an instant, he fell to the ground and in so doing threw his hands outwards. One grasped the leg of the bewildered Sith.

The Jedi saw the Sith Lord turn toward the naked man in a fury, doubtless prepared to finish off his former prisoner. It was at that moment that Master Kiad saw the sparks begin to take shape at the Sith Lord’s fingertips, and in both an act of heroism and capitalizing on the opportunity afforded them, he threw his lightsaber. Guided unwaveringly by the Force, the blade flew straight and true and hit its mark, piercing the chest of the enemy.

The nameless Sith Lord staggered two steps backward, staring at the silvery hilt of the saber in disbelief. He would then glare at the valiant, unclothed hero with immeasurable hatred, a powerful and damning gaze that would haunt the dreams of all those present for some time after. Finally, the Sith Lord’s cold heart gave out, and he fell lifeless to the floor.

Thus the Sith threat was snuffed out for a time, vanquished by those brave Jedi and the unlikely assistance of one who had no doubt suffered greatly at that maligned spirit’s hands.

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