2-Pack: Mophie Powerstation 18-Watt PD 6700mAh Power Banks with USB-C Port

  • 6700mAh in each of these bad boys
  • Except, they’re not bad at all; they’re good, because they’re Mophie
  • 18 watts PD means they deliver that power fast
  • USB-C and USB-A output
  • Model: M16HTY-M0PH1N6-P0W3R-R4N63R5
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Power Hitter

Soon, spring will be here. And you know what else? Baseball! Which means, in just under a month, you’ll be able to take a long pleasant walk with the calm yet thrilling soundtrack of a baseball radio broadcast coming through your headphones. Heck, these days you can even stream the television product as you go!

The only problem? Even in this fast paced-world, baseball still remains a beacon of slow patience. And so if you head out and get caught up in the action, you’re going to need enough charge for a good few hours.

That’s where these Mophie Powerstations come in. Mophie is one of the best in the battery business, meaning they’ll keep you as juiced as a slugger in the late 90s, allowing you to hear about every K or dinger while you’re out for an April stroll.

Of course, this is just another example of you all not knowing how good you got it! When I was a young one, there was no taking a baseball game for a walk. No sir. If you wanted to know the happenings the in the Big Leagues, you gathered around the ten foot tall radio in the town center. And if you were lucky, you remembered a handkerchief to cover your nose on account of the exhaust. After all, this was back when radios were all coal-powered.

If it was raining that day, they didn’t set up a tent. No, you had to stand there in the rain. But those of us truly devoted to the game didn’t care. We’d go home shivering, soot-stained, and smiling! That’s how much it meant to us to hear that big Chubs Clarkson hit a shooter to right, a knock that would absolutely be a homer if it weren’t for outfielder Terry ‘Snake Oil’ Sanderson. The man could climb the bamboo thatch outfield fence as if gravity didn’t apply to him, and that day, he took away more than just another RBI for Chubs; he kept a little one-legged boy in the stands from taking home a game ball (although Sanderson did ease the young lad’s tears with a wooden nickel).

Yes, it was a different game back then, a game with soul, with passion. You just knew that when Cincinnati Heirlooms’ fireballer Brit Tetterson threw a slicer straight at the knees of Cartload Timberly, the hard-hitting two-bagger for the Toledo Telephones, old Cartload had probably done something to deserve it. And when Tutts Gilhorn caught a popper by positioning himself under it, getting down on all fours, and letting the ball come to rest in the mysterious divot in his back–the very feature which earned him the nickname, ‘The Inverse Turtle’–there was no one who was going to coach him to do things any other way on account of ‘analytics’ or ‘efficiency’ or ‘prolonged disc health.’

But anyway, I could go on and on. Point is, the game has changed in more ways than one. Still, it is beautiful, so if you want take a long hike with your phone and a pair of wireless earbuds in order to enjoy the sweet crack of the bat on a cool spring day, I tip my hat to you. Just pack some extra power, okay?

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