2-Pack: Men's and Women's Football Team T-shirts

  • Two unofficial football team shirts for the price of one deeply discounted official team shirt!
  • One looks a little like a jersey and is printed on the front and back
  • The other has a flag design and is printed only on the front
  • Size chart to find the best fit
  • Can they make margaritas: no, but you can wear them while making margaritas, especially if you go across sports lines and pair them with this hat
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Happy Labor Day, all! And also, happy NFL Season Eve Eve Eve. That’s right, in just a few days, your favorite group of burly football fellas will take the field in pursuit of total pig skin domination!

Now, from reading that last sentence you can probably tell that I, your friendly Meh copywriter, am not a real football aficionado. But one thing I do know about it is this: while football might be a once-a-week sport, football fandom is a lifestyle.

For example, you might have your lucky Clay Matthews jersey, still grease-stained from when you spilled an entire plate of wings on it in the hysteria of the Pack taking home XLV. It’s fine to save that for Sundays (and select Thursdays [and maybe even a few Mondays]).

But what are you going to put on to go to the supermarket on a random Tuesday? What are you going to wear into work on casual Fridays? How are you going to support the team while you’re mowing the lawn on a Wednesday or grilling out with friends and family on a Saturday?

What we’re saying is: you need gear, lots of gear.

And if you want to buy lots of gear from your team’s official store, then you’ll need lots of money.

Seriously, take $25 to the official team store of your choice, and you’re not going to get a hoodie, or a hat, or a pair of moccasins, or pair of pajama pants, or even a single t-shirt. You’ll be lucky to find some boxers or a single thong. (Yes, a thong.)

On the other hand, if you choose to do your back-to-football-season shopping here on Meh, you can get two shirts celebrating the team('s general color scheme and city, state, or region), in men’s or women’s cut. And they’re two different shirts, by the way: one jersey-looking one that’s printed front and back, and one flag-looking one that’s printed only on the front.

Now, we should tell you, that these are print-on-demand, so they’ll take about 3 days longer to ship than most of our stuff. But hey, despite each team playing just 17 games, the season lasts a good while. So you’ll still have plenty of time to rock your new swag while watching the helmet boys fight The War of 100 Yards!

Wait, really? No one calls it that? Lame.

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