2-Pack: Logitech 10-Watt Powered Wireless Charging Smartphone Stands

  • Won’t overheat
  • Can charge through most cases
  • Holds your phone up for easy reading/watching
  • Is it Mac compatible: Yes, despite costing less than a thousand, this will actually charge your Apple products!
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What's Our Angle?


You are cooking a meal. Your phone is plugged in in the other room. You think you have the recipe pretty much committed to memory, but then, as you’re measuring spices, you realize you forget how much cumin you’re supposed to add. But no problem, right? You can just check the recipe on your phone!

So, what do you do?


  1. Walk out of the room, check the recipe on your phone, and come back, leaving it there to charge.
  2. Walk out of the room, get your phone and the charger, and plug it into a kitchen outlet.
  3. Walk out of the room, unplug your phone, and bring it back into the kitchen with you.


If you chose option 1: You’ll make it all the way back to the kitchen, and you’ll be like, “So all I need is a quarter teaspoon. Or… was it a half teaspoon?” And then you’ll have to go back and check again.

If you chose Option 2: The phone will be closer, but that’ll only make it more tempting to double-check the recipe other times. Since it’s just sitting there, on a surface, it’ll be hard to read. So you’ll have to pick it up, unlock it, and put it back down, over and over again. That means washing your hands a million times or fully manhandling your phone with fingers that’ve touched raw ingredients.

If you chose option 3: You’ll put it in your pocket and forget to plug it back in later. Since it was plugged in for a short time, the phone will now be charged enough to be out of the red, but not so charged that it has enough juice to stay alive through the night. It’ll die. Your alarm won’t go off. You’ll miss work and subsequently be fired.


You should invest in one of these Logitech charging stands. It’ll hold your phone at an easy-to-access angle while charging it. That means, a quick tap to know how much cumin you need.

Sounds nice, right?

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