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2-Pack: Lightvise Multipurpose Clamp-On LED Lights

  • Finally, a way to sweep in the dark!
  • Seriously, though, clamp it onto a walker or something and it could be life saver
  • Model: M14M1-V153

Greetings... FROM THE FUTURE: A Meh-rathon!

The date? January 20th, 2220. We have discovered, on the floor of the Pacifitlantic Ocean, a fully preserved house from the 2020s. Follow along as we describe what’s inside!

For obvious reasons, none of us needed the Lightvise Clamp-On LEDs we found in the garage. But Blethers has a cousin who does competitive antique-juggling somewhere in the Galaxy Tembulus. Apparently he’s making quite a name for himself, despite having just 2 arms–very uncommon in competitive juggling these days–and so she said she’d see if he wanted them. The thought-response came back instantly. “Yes, please,” he said!

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