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2-Pack: iWalk Scorpion Power Bank with Lightning, USB-C & Micro USB Cables

  • 2 8000mAh power banks
  • Each one has lightning, micro USB, and type-c cables built in
  • The charging cable is also built in
  • In other words, all you need to remember is to charge the power bank and you’re set
  • Model: UBT8000X-011A, UBT8000X-001A; wait, why does one color get an extra 1? Are they making a value judgement here?
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Feel Empowered

Look at the photos of them and you might think these are some weird little bots that you’d see laser cutting holes in the wall of the Nebuchadnezzar as Neo, deep within the Matrix, realizes, whoa, he had the power all along… inside of himself! But they’re not.

What you’ve got here is a 2-pack of power banks for charging your phone. Yes, your phone. Or your tablet. Or any number of other things. We don’t need to know what kind of gear you’re packing to say this thing can probably charge it without any extras.

Need a lightning cable? There’s one built in. Micro-USB? That’s here too. Type-c? Ditto. And when the whole power bank itself runs out of juice? No worries. That cable’s attached too. But this shouldn’t be a super immediate issue because: a) each bank’s got an 8000mAh capacity battery, which is enough to charge the average smart phone 4ish times; and b) if you drain one of them, you can just grab the other, because again, we’re selling a 2-pack.

In other words, you might say this iWalk Scorpion Power Bank is… The One?

(I’m really sorry. I caught the end of The Matrix on television recently after not seeing it since, like, high school, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.)

Anyway, we’ve come to the point where it gets a little awkward. Because, power banks are often marketed as travel accessories. At least, that’s how I’ve always thought of them. They’ll keep your stuff alive when there aren’t any outlets around.

The problem is now we’re not leaving the outlet-rich confines of our homes. So what do you need a power bank for?

Two words: power outage.

Seriously, think about how the days already feel sort of fuzzy and formless. And now think of that same day but without being able to read the news on your phone, or play a game, or listen to a podcast. Or imagine not being able to hand your kids something with a screen when you need a little you-time.

So maybe get a couple power banks, just in case.

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