2-Pack: Ivory Ella by Conair Backpacks

  • Two backpacks for the price of one cheap backpack
  • They’re cute!
  • Many compartments including the padded one for a laptop
  • How do they celebrate an HBO show based on a video game: they don’t, so if that’s what you’re into, you should head over to Mediocritee
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Do What You Will

What we’ve got here are a couple backpacks for $14.99. They have a whole bunch of handy compartments, including the interior laptop pocket. Also, they look cute, and don’t appear to be marketed toward the hoverboard-riding tech bro in any way.

Pretty nice, right?

So buy them. And use them. For what? Anything!

Stash them in the closet so when your kid’s current backpack rips, you can just pull one out instead of rushing to Target in a panic on a Thursday night.

Similarly: stash them in the closet and have one less thing to buy come back-to-school season.

Donate them to a backpack drive.

Use them for road trips: one bag for games and activities, one bag for snacks.

Fill them with scarves and beanies and gloves and all the gear you might not realize you need when you leave the house, but will definitely regret not having if the weather turns, and then put them in the backseat of your car.

Keep one in your trunk to fill with all the flat, skippable stones you find while hiking in places where there is no water on which to skip them; that way, you’ll always have a stash of good skipping rocks at hand, in case you end up near a nice, serene shoreline.

Use them as frustrating and ineffectual reusable grocery bags.

Are a few of these suggestions on the silly side? You betcha!

But that’s the thing: you get two backpacks for $14.99. You don’t have to be super practical with them.

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