2-Pack: iJoy Rotator 6 Outlet Swiveling Surge Protectors

  • 3 of the outlets sit still
  • 3 do a little swivel thing up to 90° for those trickier areas you need to plug into
  • Up to 900 Joules of protection for your stuff
  • Wall-tap design holds protector in securely in place
  • Are they Mac compatible: Fella, you could charge 12 Macs at once with these bad boys
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Figure It Out Later

Surge protectors. Each with 3 stationary outlets and 3 outlets that swivel. Now, that is SUPER useful.

Useful for what, you ask?

Well… uhh… for… uhh…

You could put it behind a piece of furniture maybe? And face the outlets out to the side? That way, you’re not forced to plug lamps or whatever directly into the wall and then push the piece of furniture back, crushing the cord?

You know what? Why don’t YOU tell US why this is useful? Seriously, if you have any ideas, hop in the comments and post them.

Because right now, it seems entirely possible that you would, at some point, encounter a situation where you’d be like, “You know what would solve everything here? If this outlet just sorta swiveled a little bit!” But we cannot for the life of us actually imagine what that situation is.

Which is why you need to buy this two-pack of swiveling surge protectors. Because, otherwise, when that day comes–when you finally experience a power source issue necessitating the need for a little re-angling–you’re gonna be like, “Dammit! I coulda had the exact thing to fix this! And for a great price, no less!”

And it’s not as though you need to just stash these in a desk drawer until then. It’s like the Mitch Hedberg joke (that we’ve almost certainly referenced before) about how escalators can’t go out of service; they just temporarily become stairs. Even if you’re not swiveling these things, they’re still providing extra outlets and legit surge protection.

So buy some today, and figure out a practical use for the swivel feature tomorrow! Or the next day! Or never!

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