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2-for-Tuesday: Zmodo Pivot Cloud Smart Camera or Greet Video Doorbell

  • Get 2 security cameras (Zmodo Pivot), 2 doorbell cams (Zmodo Greet), or 1 of each
  • Pivot has a built-in bluetooth speaker, works with Alexa and Google Assistant, and can… uhh… pivot towards where it senses motion and start recording
  • Greet allows you to talk to whoever’s at your door from wherever you are
  • Pretty safe, pretty cool
  • Model: M0-ZM0D0-TH4N-3V3R-83F0
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More (Than Just) Security

Here’s what we got here: a 2-pack of cameras. Basically, you can get a Zmodo Pivot and a Zmodo Greet, two Zmodo Pivots, or two Zmodo Greets. Which is sorta weird, considering the Zmodo Greet is a doorbell camera. So either you have two houses (must be nice), you’re willing to give one away (must be nice to be your friends), or you’ve got a house with two front doors (must be weird).

Basically, the Greet works like this: someone presses the button, and you get an alert on your smart phone. You can then see and speak to whoever’s at your door from wherever you are.

The Pivot, on the other hand, is your in-the-actual-house camera. It’s got a bluetooth speaker. It’ll tell you the temperature and humidity while you’re away. You can program it to pivot towards motion and start recording. Plus, you can set it to work with Alexa and Google Assistant. Otherwise, it (and the Greet) can be controlled through a free app.

Now, you might’ve noticed that we’ve been careful to avoid one word commonly associated with Zmodo products: security. This isn’t because these aren’t good for security. Quite the contrary, it’s because calling the Zmodo Pivot or Zmodo Greet a security camera is like calling a top-of-the-line gaming PC ‘a Netflix receiver.’

In other words: they’re more than just security cameras.

You can watch your cats while you’re at work. You can tell the delivery guy to put the package around the back, please. You can even look into your closet while you’re on a work trip that requires you dress in business-appropriate attire, so you can make remind yourself of all the great, comfortable graphics tees from Mediocritee you have waiting for you when you return. Although, that would mean putting a camera in your closet. And that you hang up all your t-shirts. So the camera would maybe have to be in your dresser drawer? Which is a) problematic, logistically, and b) sorta dumb even if it were possible?

Fine. We’ll admit that last example was just an excuse to plug Mediocritee. But the point stands: these are more than just security cameras.

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