18K Gold-Plated Ruby or Sapphire Pendant with Diamond Accent

  • The rubies and sapphires are real and they’re spectacular.
  • 18k gold plating, heart-shaped, box (is what it’ll come in, most likely).
  • The necklace is heart-shaped. The box will probably be box-shaped. But we really wanted to say “heart-shaped box,” because apparently we can only make 90s-era pop culture references today.
  • Model: 53AHCE18PE-0DTCNB1, 53AHCE19PE-0DTCNB1. Wow, these model numbers are longer than Titanic, amirite?!
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Never A Better Time Than Now

Our first thought upon seeing these come up on the sales schedule was: wait, what’s coming up? Like, Valentine’s Day was a while ago, and Mother’s Day came and went, and Grandparents’ Day was last week (according to the Google search we just did), and Christmas is still a few months out.

So what gives? Why the need to sell these necklaces?

The obvious answer is: who says they need to be gifts? Maybe they’re just necklaces for people who want necklaces, in which case, they need not fall in line with any gift-giving occasion.

And that’s a fair point, except, c’mon! Look at these things! They’re shaped like hearts, with real rubies and sapphires and 18k gold plating! These aren’t oh-hey-maybe-I-should-buy-a-new-necklace-for-funsies necklaces; they’re wrapped-in-a-box-and-presented-on-a-special-occasion necklaces. In fact, if there’s a single thing that doesn’t scream, “GIFT!” it’s the price tag south of 10 bucks.

So, to return to the question we raised at the top: What’s coming up?

Nothing. We’re in a bit of a lull, in terms of holidays.

Which is why it’s the perfect time to start stocking up on some simple gifts. Soon enough the holiday season will be in full swing, and then do you really want to have to start the whole gift-finding-and-buying process from square one every other month until the summer rolls around?

And, btw, that’s just considering the holidays we’re anticipating because they’re on a calendar. Who knows what else might arise. Maybe there will be some sort white elephant exchange at work. Maybe your daughter will want something special to wear to the piano recital. Maybe your aunt will have a midlife crisis and throw a wild half-birthday bash in the middle of November.

Really, it doesn’t matter the occasion. Our point is: occasions are coming! So invest in a few gifts to have on hold for when the time is right.

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