17-Piece: Honey Can Do Vacuum Seal Food Storage Set

  • A variety of differently-sized, lidded food storage containers
  • Want to keep stuff fresh for longer? Put your food in, close the lid, attach the little sucker thing to the nub on top, and pull all the air out
  • You can just seal them if you want to
  • How do these cutely celebrate creatures from folklore: they don’t, so you better head over to Mediocritee if that’s what you’re looking for
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This really isn’t so complicated. It’s a 15-piece set of food storage containers that come with a thing you can attach to the nipple on each lid, allowing you to suck the air out so the food will stay fresh for longer.

Really, that’s it. And so, the only other detail you probably want to know now is: does it actually work like they say it does?

Usually, when faced with such a question, we rely heavily on Amazon reviews. But not today! No, today we’re going to try something WILDLY different: we’re going to rely heavily on the Home Depot reviews, where this thing scores a very solid 4.5 out of 5!

Here’s what we found.

paulawill2 says:

These storage containers are easy to use, easy to stack, and easy to look at. The Vac 'n Save suction really works. With less if not all air inside containers you definitely will save on your food bill or any other perishables you can think of. An easy way to close lid is place the lid on top then press in the middle button, then close the 4 sides. follow that with the suction for fresh easy storage.

Not sure how to interpret that “easy to look at” part. Are they saying these are nice-looking? Or are they comparing them to similar offerings from the Magic Eye Company and the M.C. Escher Estate? But whatever. Point is, according to paulawill2, these things work.

jrbears reiterates this:

The Vac’n Save containers work well. They keep food fresh longer than other storage containers I have used.

Dextre agrees too:

It does extend the time food stays fresh

As does Homerbsharp:

Seems to work most of the time and easy to use. Extends life or my green produce which is why I bought it.

Rosanne, meanwhile, says this:

I like it. I have had mushrooms in the fridge and they are still fresh.

Of course, without a timeframe here, this doesn’t totally help, but it seems like what they’re trying to say is: these things work.

In conclusion, these vacuum-sealable storage containers are good and effective, according to the fine product reviewers over on Home Depot’s website.

So get a set and keep your food good and fresh for a good long time!

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