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120dB Floating Leak & Flood Siren

  • Ah, listen to that! The gentle trickle of water… ruining your stuff.
  • Not with this thing around.
  • Put it under your sink or in your basement (or wherever) and it’ll give you a 120dB earful if there’s a leak or a flood.
  • It can also float. And if that’s appealing, you’re dealing with some serious flooding.
  • Model: P7070. We couldn’t type it but there’s actually a line over the 70 that means it’s repeating. So really it’s P7070707070707070… forever.
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The Source Of The Leak Concerning The Leak

In this site’s previous life as a different but similar site, we often sold a product called the Leak Frog: a vaguely frog-shaped alarm that kept you abreast of unwanted water entering your house. We sold many of them, one to our very own @Dave, who sent me this story from 10 years ago:

I’m sitting in my kitchen and beeping goes off and I’m like… is that the smoke alarm? Weird, it’s in the basement. I’d completely forgotten I’d put the Leak Frog down there. The gutter outside my house had come loose and was funneling all the water directly into my basement. But I caught it like 30 seconds in. Would’ve been a total disaster. Let’s keep this between us, though. My wife had been on my case about replacing that gutter. I’d told her I took care of it months earlier. If she knew the truth, she’d kill me!

I’ll be honest, I only skimmed this, but the gist is clear: most of the time, you’re not going to need a water alarm. But when you do need a water alarm, you’re really going to need a water alarm.

And it’s not just for freak accidents involving loose gutters like @Dave’s. Think about it: the sound of falling rain is so soothing, we’ve created apps whose sole purpose is to mimic it while we fall asleep. And yet, while a passing rainstorm can be a boon to your sleeping patterns, it might also be gushing into your basement through some loose window or hole in the wall.

“Okay, sure, fine,” longtime site visitors might be saying, “but why aren’t we selling Leak Frogs like the good old days?”

Because they’re currently a bit out of our price range. In fact, one will run you between $89.99 and $756.89. That means, this one for $5 is… 95-15,137% cheaper than comparable products? I might’ve done the math wrong, but still: What savings!!

Also, this one floats. Which is… good, I guess. I mean, if you need a water alarm that “floats on top of any flood” maybe you should be a bit more attentive to your basement? Are you such a light sleeper that the 120dB siren doesn’t wake you up the first time it goes off? Or were you away while a massive flood rolled through and you had no idea? (In which case, isn’t the damage kind of already done?)

Look, it doesn’t matter. The point is, it’s 5 bucks, and just might save you hundreds of dollars, so you should probably buy it.

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