12-Pack: Vanderbilt Cool Flow Two-Layer Masks with Adjustable Earloops

  • Adult and Kids sizes available
  • Wear a mask, please
  • These have Cool Flow fabric, so hotter months in masks are more bearable
  • These are colorful and reusable
  • Always have a clean mask at the ready, or 12
  • Adjust the earloops for maximum comfort
  • Model: 5T4Y-1N-TH3-L00P
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Ear We Go

Adjustable earloops?! Oh baby!

Okay, but seriously: let’s talk about these earloops.

So, as you might imagine (and as I’ve explicitly stated here before), I’d been working from home for years before 2020 struck. And where I live is not exactly a densely populated neighborhood where the streets are constantly teeming with thick crowds. So, for me, mask-wearing has been something I’ve done when I go out in public. Like, say, to go to the grocery store. And even in the early days, when I was convinced that I needed to buy at least 12 weeks worth of food at a time for some reason, those trips took about an hour (if not less).

Doing this, I’ve dealt with all of the well-documented mask-related frustrations. My face has gotten a bit warm. I’ve struggled with my glasses fogging up. All that stuff.

Then, there came a day when I had to spend about ten hours inside, in a public place that was at times very crowded. And you know what? All that time helped me adjust. I managed to arrange my glasses and my mask just right, and I didn’t once pass out from huffing my own fumes.

Oh, and also: by nighttime, my ears were friggin’ KILLING me!

Seriously, you’d think that one day wearing something as seemingly harmless as a mildly tight elastic loop wouldn’t leave the area behind your ears aching for a week, but let me tell you, the soreness PERSISTED. Maybe the skin is really tender back there? Maybe my mask was tighter than I realized? I don’t know.

What I do know is that I would’ve been better off with some of these, thanks to their aforementioned adjustable earloops.

And yes, I’m really using this entire space to talk about earloops, because there’s nothing more to really say about masks, except: things are looking up, but we’re not out of this yet, so please wear one!

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