12-Pack: Merkury Innovations Smart Wi-Fi LED Strip (9.8')

  • Strips are 3 bucks apiece, AKA about a quarter the cost of a lemonade at the county fair.
  • Nearly 118 feet of Smart LED strips for not a lot of money.
  • They can connect together to make longer strands
  • No hub required—just your phone and Wi-Fi.
  • Super easy to install and configure.
  • Can it make a margarita? It can make a margarita look amazing.
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Not just a party trick at $3 per

12 light strips. For $36. That’s 3 bucks per strip. That’s cheaper than the upcharge from normal fries to sweet potato fries. But the light strips are actually good!

Anyway, it’s funny how things like today’s deal find their way from youthful obscurity to mainstream acceptance.

Like…you probably have an older relative who used to scowl at you every time you looked at your smartphone and lament how those things were ruining the world, but like ten years later they got their hands on one and are now tapping away constantly while dedicating a measurable percentage of their time to scrolling Facebook pages run by offshore bot networks.

It’s an awkward sort of progress, but it’s the kind of thing that needs to happen if we’re ever going to advance all of society to a place where nobody still pays their electric bill with a paper check.

But anyway, this time YOU get to be the out-of-touch boomer who didn’t realize how much they wanted the shiny new toy. Because what was once a novelty item for dorm rooms and over-complicated video gaming setups has now reached a level of versatility and sophistication that you can actually make use of it in mundane grownup ways.

Let’s talk examples:

Behind a screen or monitor. You might feel very impressed with yourself that you finally got around to hanging that flatscreen on the wall, but for a few bucks in LED strips you can make that thing POP. Run them, out of view, along the edges behind your screen and create a satisfying glow that seems to emit from the device itself. People will be impressed. (And you’ll like it, too.)

On your shelves full of nonsense. If you have a shelf full of something cool and collectible or just a wall full of books you pretend to read, tucking an LED strip around your items can really upgrade your display. And because this is all very programmable and configurable, you can adjust the lighting based on time of day and tweak the colors to perfectly complement your…whatever you have.

In the kitchen. Running some LEDs under your kitchen cabinets can provide enough glow that even in the middle of the night your kitchen will feel chill and inviting, providing sufficient light to grab a glass of water without having to flip the overheads on and blast yourself in the eyeballs like a raccoon caught off guard by the porch light. Plus it just looks classy.

Under the bed. Bow chicka wow wooooow.

No, I just eat day-old KFC in bed. Bad chicken nom nooooom.

Outside. Okay now we’re really leveling up, and yes these are rated for indoor or outdoor use. This means that if you have some sort of exterior feature like a fountain of a little wall or a bit of landscaping, you can make that sucker look like something out of a home magazine with almost no effort.

Other stuff. You get the idea. Stairways and bathrooms and accent lighting and random cool furniture. You can use these things to do just about anything. Go nuts!

So yeah. There are tons of possibilities here and with this deal you actually get almost 120 feet of the stuff, so you’re going to be able to make all sorts of neat LED things happen. After your first lighting project you’ll probably be hooked, so we’re happy you’ll have a bunch of this on hand.

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