12-Pack: Jet-Puffed Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Marshmallows

  • They taste like coconut
  • Okay, they taste like coconut and chocolate
  • Okay, they taste like coconut and chocolate and marshmallow
  • Not good for Halloween handouts (and probably won’t arrive on time, either)
  • About 16 marshmallows per bag, 192 total
  • Model: M4LL0W-C4N-U-60
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Keep It Simple

Gotta say, this is some incredible transparency here. They’re just straight-up admitting that these things are basically dressed-up marshmallows. And that’s rare in the candy industry.

Think about it. They’re flavored with coconut. They have a chocolate crust. They’re bite-size. Hence: “Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Bites” or “Coated Marshmallows.”

But they could easily have gotten all wordy and called these “fun-sized marshmallow-filled chocolate coconut confections” or something. Sure they might not be as complicated as, say, a Snickers. But there are plenty of candies out there that demand to be respected despite being way less complicated than these.

Payday? It’s just a bunch of peanuts stuck together with caramel.

Mounds? That’s coconut paste in dark chocolate.

They add a single friggin’ nut and it’s an entirely different candy now called Almond Joy?!

And don’t get us started on the entire Russell Stover catalog. You’d be stoked if you found something as delicious and substantial as one of these chocolate-coated, coconut-flavored marshmallows in your heart-shaped Valentine’s Day box of chocolates.

So why? Why don’t they skate by on marketing like so many of their competitors? Maybe they’re trying to send a message. Maybe they’re trying to say: “We need to do better, candy companies! Some caramel? Some nougat? Some marshmallow? Some coconut? That’s not enough. It’s 2021 and we’re doing the same thing we’ve been doing for decades. Let’s not just pour chocolate on something and call it a candy bar. We need to work harder. And when we make some thing straightforward and delicious, we need to call it exactly that.”

Or maybe the marketing department wanted to keep it simple. Who knows?

Either way, the winner is you. Because you get to buy them and eat them.

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