Meh Face Shirt

  • It’s a simple white Meh face on a variety of different colors.
  • There is nothing else to say.
  • Warning: you may look like the quirky “alternative” character from a 90s teen sitcom.
  • Also warning: Women’s sizes may run smaller than you expect so here’s a sizing chart
  • Model: R3M3HMB3R-R3M3HMB3R-TH3-16TH-0F-D3C3MB3R
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Facing The Issue, Head On

To say ‘meh’ on the internet, all you have to do is type m-e-h. There are synonyms that work in certain contexts, like ‘nah’ or ‘eh’ or ‘hmm.’ Still, most of the time, you’re just gonna say ‘meh.’ Things get more complicated when you start thinking visually. Want to SHOW ‘meh’? Then you have approximately 1 billion gifs to choose from.

But do you really?

We ask because we did a search for ‘meh gifs’ and, as Meh professionals (pro-meh-ssionals), we found many of them to be flawed. To show you what we mean, we’ll run you through a few.

This is great, versatile gif, but, while the subdued nature of the eyes definitely communicates disinterest, the mild sneer of the mouth, to us, says, ‘ick.’ Thus, this gif is giving the soft noncommittal ‘no thanks’ which is not the same as ‘meh.’

The ending of the gif conveys the true nature of meh–‘I don’t know, whatever, who cares’–but the gif relies on a dramatic lead-up to truly hit its mark. There’s simply nothing meh about wild exaggeration.

This is probably the closest we’ve gotten, so far. The minor movement of the head, the tired look in the eyes, it’s quintessential meh. But there is a sense of enjoyment here. And if she’s enjoying being disinterested, is she truly disinterested?

Here we go! Pure, unadulterated WTFC (who the fuck cares). The problem? It’s a political figure, which means there will always be a level of implied partisanship. By posting this gif, you risk getting someone all fired-up with excitement or disdain regardless of the conversation, and that’s just not real meh, is it?

In conclusion, the internet may tell you it has millions of ways to express a meh sentiment visually, but really, you’re best bet is to go with the original. The simple colon-plus-line emoji contained within a circle. Like these shirts we’re selling today.

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