Brilliance NY 3600 Blow Dryer

  • Makes use of “diamond dust” and “high thermal conductivity together with tourmaline technology” to make sure the heat distribution is even.
  • You’re probably thinking, with all that advanced tech, what does this thing weight? 300lbs?!
  • Well, good news: it’s actually very light!
  • Its motor is salon-grade. But don’t worry; you don’t have to pay $40 just to use it.
  • Model: 816610013206, which is honestly just a bit too excessive if you ask us. Like, c’mon, people! Letters exist!
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True New Yorkers Love It

Hello, it is me, a totally real person who lives in New York City, and I’m here to tell you that this Brilliance New York ProDryer 3600 is a great product! I use mine just about every day of my quirky New York life!

For example, I often use it in the morning, as I get ready for work. Sometimes I am quite a mess when I wake up, especially if I had a few too many martinis with my other New York friends the night before. I will wake up in a total fog in my brightly lit Manhattan apartment, which I afford without issue, and then have to rush to get ready. Luckily, the ProDryer’s salon-grade motor gets the job done quick, so I’m rarely late to my job at the magazine, where I write a column that is about fashion but mostly about life… in New York!

Other days, when I don’t have work, I’ll use the Brilliance New York ProDryer to dry my hair so that I don’t get a chill walking slowly through Central Park with a friend, drinking iced coffee and talking about how the city is changing but how it’ll always have a place in our hearts.

Sometimes, someone waiting for the subway will ask how I got my hair so evenly dry, and I will tell them the key is the ProDryer’s advanced technology that makes use of diamond dust. Then, when the train comes, I will take it to Brooklyn where my artist friends live in enormous beautiful lofts.

Another great feature about the hair dryer: it’s lightweight, so I can bring it with me when I stay over at my boyfriend’s place. I’ve had many boyfriends over the years. One worked in publishing, one was a professor, and another did something having to do with finance. But there’s one thing they’ve all had in common: they always wear blazers.

Anyway, that’s all I can say for now. I’m off to do a story for the magazine that will involve a guest appearance by Derek Jeter somehow! Wish me luck!

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