Very Mediocre Person

Just $5 a month entitles you to a moderately wide range of somewhat valuable benefits.

Heads Up!

Current VMP members may continue their VMP membership and benefits, but we are closed to new VMP membership. Any cancelations are final.

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Meh Benefits

  • Free shipping

    Pays for itself with your first order each month. Everything after that is gravy (but not real gravy, sorry).

  • A last shot at sold-out deals

    We launch a small reserve of product at 4pm ET only for VMPs who were already members before that day.

  • VMP Last Call

    If our daily deal doesn't sell out, VMPs can buy up the leftovers until 6am ET the next day.

Did You Know?

Meh is a division of Mediocre. Benefits of the VMP program work on Mediocre's sites: Casemates, Meh and MorningSave.

More Benefits

  • Free shipping at Casemates and MorningSave

    Pays for itself with your first order each month.

  • 10% off at MorningSave

    10% off at our satellite store for breakfast TV watchers and other normals.

  • Exclusive VMP merch

    We like to make things with our logo on it and only let VMPs buy it. It's just a weird thing we're into.

  • Sneak peeks of new features

    Sometimes, before we roll out new site features, we try them out on our guinea pi- er, VMP friends first.

  • Surprises?

    Everyone likes a good surprise. Not everyone likes a mediocre surprise though. Don’t get your hopes up too high.