Very Mediocre Person

Just $5 a month entitles you to a moderately wide range of somewhat valuable benefits.

Meh Benefits

  • Free shipping

    Pays for itself with your first order each month. Everything after that is gravy (but not real gravy, sorry).

  • A last shot at sold-out deals

    We launch a small reserve of product at 4pm ET only for VMPs who were already members before that day.

  • VMP Last Call

    If our daily deal doesn't sell out, VMPs can buy up the leftovers until 6am ET the next day.

Did You Know?

Meh is a division of Mediocre. Benefits of the VMP program extend to other Mediocre sites as well.

More Benefits

  • Free shipping at MorningSave

    Pays for itself with your first order each month.

  • 10% off at MorningSave

    10% off at our satellite store for breakfast TV watchers and other normals.

  • Exclusive VMP merch

    We like to make things with our logo on it and only let VMPs buy it. It's just a weird thing we're into.

  • Sneak peeks of new features

    Sometimes, before we roll out new site features, we try them out on our guinea pi- er, VMP friends first.

  • Surprises?

    Everyone likes a good surprise. Not everyone likes a mediocre surprise though. Don’t get your hopes up too high.

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