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Pick Your 2-Pack of Quirky Brand Items

  • Build a quirky Quirky 2-pack from: Pizza cutters (with built-in crust cutters), flat padlocks, magnetic staplers, citrus spritzers, wine bottle stoppers and stabilizers, bobbing sink plugs
  • All of them are a little quirky, and also made by the brand Quirky
  • Hence the ‘quirky Quirky’ thing up there
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Quirk It Real Good

What we have here are 6 quirky products from the Quirky brand. You can choose any 2 of any of them. Here’s what’s available:

  • Pizza cutters (with built-in crust cutters)
  • Flat padlocks
  • Magnetic staplers
  • Citrus spritzers
  • Wine bottle stoppers and stabilizers
  • Bobbing sink plugs

And now, before you ask in the forums, here are a few quirky products we DO NOT have in stock:

  • Shoes that play ‘Yakety Sax’ as you walk
  • Cactus hats (hats for your cactus)
  • Those singing fish but instead of singing they play William Shatner reading Nordic children’s stories
  • Skittles-scented candles
  • An alarm clock that looks like a unicorn and wakes you up with Pink Floyd songs from when Syd Barrett was in the band
  • Cactus hats (cactus-shaped hats)
  • Habanero breath mints
  • Remote controlled unicycles
  • Audiobooks of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian read by French Stewart
  • Solar powered blackout curtains
  • Buttons that when you press them say “Cha-ching” in an Italian accent

We apologize that these products are unavailable at this time, but the bright pink re-purposed ambulance from the 1960s that delivers them, driven by a man dressed in lederhosen, has not visited our warehouse in quite some time. We’d email the distributor, but apparently they only use typewriters, and we’d call them but apparently no one can hear the phone over the music playing in the office: mostly early Of Montreal records, but also some stuff by The Shins.

So you’ll just have to choose from the stuff we got.

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