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Ganizer Bag Organizers

  • Choose between a two-bagger or a three bagger. Sorry Cornhole fans, no four baggers here.
  • They’re basically soft shelves that can be hitched to the rod in your closet and slid back and forth as needed.
  • Which makes them a great compromise between building actual shelves and just throwing everything on the floor.
  • Honestly, we want to be snarky, but these are just pretty good and useful.
  • Model: N0T-50-B46-4FT3R-411.
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Moving On

It’s a problem as old as time: you’re a young rapscallion driving through a little town, on your way to the big city, when your old red convertible breaks down. Again.

And, as it always seems to happen, there’s some doctor or guru or what have you scheduled to show up in that very town that very week (only he’s been held up by something and no one knows). So what choice do you have but to assume the late visitor’s identity while your car is getting fixed (which takes way longer than it should), and in the process, help the town in your own offbeat hoodlum-y way, all the while opening your crusty cynical heart to new ideas and experiences and maybe even… love?

Until, of course, the doctor or guru or whoever they are shows up. After that, the townsfolk see you for the fraud you are and force you out of town (with heavy hearts, obviously, because you’ve really made a difference in their lives).

Then your car breaks down in the next town and it happens all over again. And all the while you’re thinking: I’d give anything not to have to deal with this again. And by ‘this’ you mean hastily packing all your clothing and belongings before you’re run out of one place, only to have to unpack it all a few miles down the road. It’s so tiring!

Well, with these Ganizer Bag Organizers, you can kiss all that goodbye! Not only do they stylishly and effectively keep your stuff in order in your closet; they can easily be taken down and shoved into the trunk of your red convertible as soon as the mechanic is finished.

And not only that: they can be slid along the rod in your closet whenever need access to that special shoe box, where, under various books and trinkets, is the locket with the picture of you and your mom and your dad, which you often hold close to your chest while saying, “This is the last time. I promise.”

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