2-Pack: Aukey Swift Chargers 20W+12W Dual-Port Power Cube

  • You get two little blocks for plugging in USB-C charging cables
  • Spits out 20W of power from the USB-C thing, and 12W of power from the USB-A thing
  • A bunch of safeguards so they won’t fry your devices
  • Are they Mac compatible: The boring answer is yes, they are exactly Mac compatible
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They Sell Themselves

The basic sales pitch?

More and more stuff requires a USB-C port to charge these days. Fewer and fewer companies throw in the charging block with the product. Vis-a-vis, you should buy these.

The more specific sales pitch?

With 20W USB-C Power Delivery, these things are designed to juice up your gear FAST. And thanks to a number of built-in safety features, you don’t have to worry about them overheating or overcharging anything. Plus, they’re half the size of Apple’s 20W charging block. Vis-a-vis, you should buy these.

The lying, completely made-up, factually-inaccurate sales pitch?

One of these charged a phone in thirty seconds flat. Also, when we unplugged the phone, its screen was cleaner and none of the apps had ads anymore. Vis-a-vis, you should buy these.

The super overblown, way over-the-top, wanky sales pitch?

Look outside on a stormy night and what do you see? Lightning. Power so strong it turns day into night. Electricity so fast its gravelly song rumbles seconds after its glow extinguishes. It is natural to be in awe of such things, as awe is nothing but appreciation that has been pickled in a brine of fear and excitement. We both understand what it is we gaze upon, the crackling brilliance turning our windows into a strobe light, and yet also can never understand it. It is unfathomable, this display of power. Its strength is incomprehensible, measurements be damned. Its beauty is unbelievable. But is it… harnessable? By which we mean: can we ever safely experience the delivery of electricity at such blazing speeds in our homes? Friends, today the answer is yes. Vis-a-vis, you should buy these.

The only-thing-you-need-to-know sales pitch?

You get two of them for 15 bucks. Vis-a-vis, you should buy these.

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