9-Pack: Members Only Premium Boxer Briefs

  • They’re not briefs
  • But they’re also not boxers
  • Flex fabric, odor control & dry comfort
  • A bunch of them for not too much money
  • The 90% athletic poly have a fly while the 95% cotton do not
  • Sizing: Small (28"-30"), Medium (32"-34"), Large (36"-38"), XL (40"-42")
  • What OS do they run: KrotchCvrPLUS 2.3
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We'll Be Brief


“Yes, hello. Is Carl Devins there?”

“This is he.”

“Oh, great! Carl, it’s Martin Handley.”

“I’m sorry, is that name supposed to be familiar?”

“Well, I’m the president of the club.”

“The club.”

“Yes, the Members Only club. The one you gained admittance to when you purchased those premium Members Only boxer briefs.”

“Wait, you mean ‘Members Only’ isn’t just a brand name?”

“Just a name? Are you kidding? Of course not. We’re a real club. And we’ve been trying to reach you. We need your input on how to proceed with a few matters. For example, we did a dig recently. And we hit oil!”


“Motor oil.”

“Motor oil?”

“We accidentally dug our way into a Jiffy Lube.”


“We did a lot of damage and now we owe a lot of money, Carl.”


“Anyway, how to pay this off will be the main talking point at the annual Members Only Meeting at beautiful Club Med Punta Cana.”


“Airfare and lodging expenses are each member’s own responsibility.”


“So, can I count on your attendance?”

“Honestly, no.”

“What? Why not?”

“Because I didn’t buy Members Only boxer briefs to become a member of some club.”

“You didn’t? Then why did you purchase them? Is it their superior quality? Their stylishness? The way they make you feel?”

“Uh, not really. Look, they’re great boxer briefs, don’t get me wrong. But I really only bought them because Meh had a 9-pack for just $27.”

“A 9-pack? For THAT cheap? Carl, at this rate we’ll never pay back the Jiffy Lube!”

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