200-Pack: Daelmans Mini Soft Toasted Caramel Stroopwafels (10 Pouches)

  • 10 bags of super cute little stroops
  • Each bag has roughly 20 stroops
  • So, roughly, we’re talking 200 tiny stroops total
  • You can re-seal the bags for optimal stroop freshness
  • We love that we can say ‘stroop’ and you understand what we’re talking about
  • Model: 5TR00P3R-DUP3R
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Keep On Stroopin' On

People are traveling again. Which means it’s time for the stroopwafel, our favorite Dutch delicacy, to return to its natural habitat: the airlines.

Or is it?

Because here’s the thing: during the fifteen or so months we were stuck at home, we got a bit spoiled in terms of our snack consumption. By which we mean, we were able to have delicious stroopwafels without the purchase of an $800 plane ticket and nine hours of miserable travel, dealing with grueling delays and layovers, packed like sardines inside an aged 737, given just one cookie to set over a paper cup of lukewarm coffee-flavored water that turned bright white as soon as the first flake of non-dairy creamer touched its surface–

Wait, sorry, what were we talking about?

Right: we got used to having stroopwafels whenever we wanted. And we say, why stop? Next time you take to the skies, opt for the Bischoff knowing full well that you are stocked with delicious tiny stroops at home.

Oh, that is something else you should know: these are the tiny ones.

Basically, instead of getting a bunch of the normal-sized individually wrapped stroopwafels, or a bunch of the “jumbo” stroopwafels (which are really only slightly larger than the normal-sized ones) in boxes of about 10 or so, you get 10 pouches, each one containing about 20 stroopwafels. Hence, a 200-pack.

Now, the question with this is always the same. Will the difference in size cause you to eat a lesser cumulative amount of stroopwafel, or more? Will your stroop-desiring taste buds be sated by a single mini? Or will you say, ‘With how small these are, what’s the harm of eating one more, and then one more after that, and then one more after that,’ until you’ve consumed four whole pouches in one sitting?

It doesn’t really matter. What matters is, you can have all the stroopwafels you want, and you don’t need to take a flight to get them.

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