2-Pack: TKO Performance Base Layer Shirts with or without Fleece Lining

  • For $24 you can get 2 thermal undershirts with fleece
  • For $22 you can get 2 thermal undershirts without fleece
  • For $0 you can get 0 thermal undershirts with or without fleece
  • Model: FL33C3-W1TH3R5P00N
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De-Winter The Winter

Life is full of those little conundrums.

Like, when you go see a Twins game at Target Field, and you wear a t-shirt repping your team (the opponent), only to remember it’s April in Minnesota, which means winter is still raging and the temperature never gets above 30 degrees, so you don’t get a chance to take off your coat and show your pride.

Or like when you’re starting to go a little stir crazy, because you haven’t left the house in about two weeks, until finally, one day, you just decide, screw it, you’re going to get out for a nice long run, but it’s 14 degrees out, and you don’t want to go swish-swish-swishing down the trail in a big puffy jacket.

Or like when you’re scheduled to work at a grocery store where the dress code calls for you to wear a golf shirt, even when it’s 15 below zero out, and your station happens to be next to an easily triggered automatic door, meaning your whole day is spent being blasted by frigid air.

If these examples seem a little specific, it’s because I’ve experienced all of them personally. And the truth is, calling them “conundrums” is a little overblown. Because there’s nothing really confusing about them at all. Each one could’ve been solved (or at least made better) by these TKO Base Layer Shirts.

What is a “Base Layer Shirt”? It’s basically a modern long underwear top. I.e. it’s better constructed and looks cooler than the kind of stuff you see cowboys wear in Western movies. And today we have two options: a 2-pack with fleece for $24, and a 2-pack without fleece for $22. Now, the good thing about fleece-lined ones is that they get really warm. The bad thing about the fleece-lined ones, on the other hand, is that they get really warm.

In other words, it’s all about what you need the shirts for. Want something to wear jogging when it’s 40 degrees out? Go for the non-fleece. Want something to wear while camping in the Yukon? Go for the fleece.

Either way, you’re gonna get some good warm long-sleeve undershirts. So hit the buy button, and make the winter just a little more tolerable.

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