2-Pack: SecureBrite Emergency Lighting, Flashlight & Nightlight

  • You plug them into the wall and they’re nightlights
  • You take them out of the wall and they’re flashlights
  • Built-in batteries, so good for power outages
  • Model: TH3-L16HT-5TUFF
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Do Not Fear The Night

It is me, the salty meal you ate for dinner.

As you consumed me, you thought I was merely a threat to your blood pressure. But now, in the middle of the night, you have come to realize my true identity: I am a powerful wizard. For proof, look no further than the inside of your mouth–turned into a desert by one of my unspoken spells–or the cup of water on your bedside table–reduced, it seems, to a mere thimble.

What I’m saying is you’re thirsty, and you will not be sated by just a single glass.

But here’s the thing: I do not work alone. While I was busy turning your mouth to sand, my accomplice, the dark, has been transforming your home, the place you feel the most comfortable in the world, into a labyrinth of terrors.

Now, something so simple as a trip to the kitchen for a glass of water is like navigating a minefield. Could you turn on the various overhead lights and lamps along the way? Sure, but to do so would mean admitting defeat.

I am not here simply to profess my penchant for trickery, though. I also want to let you know: there is hope for you! Because, while you will still almost certainly eat food that is far too high in sodium, there are products out there to at least render the dark powerless to stop you from completing your late-night quest for hydration.

Like this set of lights from SecureBright, for example. You can plug them into the wall and use them as nightlights to guide your way without blinding you. Or you can take them with you and use them like flashlights.

And they won’t just work for that trip to the sink for some needed refreshment, either. They’re also great for the dark corner of your closet or when there’s a power outage.

So get some and step a little easier, even in the middle of the night!

Now, if you don’t mind, I ought to be going. I actually do need to get working on that blood pressure I mentioned before.

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