2-Piece Pop Sonic Smoothie Hair Remover & Hair Trimmer Set

  • A powerful two-pack of hair-managing power
  • Every tool you need to put every hair in its place
  • Even the really short ones. (Especially the really short ones.)
  • Model: N00K5-N-CR4NN135
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The right tool(s) for the job

Dealing with body hair is just a slightly more personal version of taking care of your lawn. Sure you might ultimately be making choices based on your own personal preference, but there’s also at least some element of wanting things a certain way in case your favorite UPS driver comes by. cough

And honestly, even if you’re the type to let that, um…grass,…run wild and free, there’s always going to be a spot where it’s sticking up between some sidewalk cracks or looking ragged around the mailbox post.

When that happens, you’re going to want the right tools.

If, on the other hand, you’re the kind of person who invests a significant amount of time in lawn maintenance, then that’s doubly true. Don’t make your mowing and edging stylized crotch fades (pardon?) any harder than they have to be. Nobody’s out there keeping the 12th hole at Augusta perfect using nothing but garden shears and grim determination. They use the right tool for the job to deliver consistently perfect holes that can be admired the world over. Should all of our holes not be so lucky?

So really, it doesn’t matter if you care about a pristine putting surface or just want to keep the fairway generally clean and free of debris, this is about having the right equipment handy. Today’s deal will make sure you have exactly that, because the last thing you want to do is try to navigate your most sensitive areas using something that was designed for shaping sideburns and maybe the occasional beard touch-up.

We’ll send you both of these.

Start with the trimmer. Work your way to the smoothie. Thank us later.

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