2-Pack: Men's or Women's Sherpa Lined Heavyweight Zip Hoodies

  • Buy before the weather turns cold and save!
  • Zip hoodies with soft sherpa fleece lining throughout
  • Pick your preferred color pack out of five options
  • Side pockets and chest pocket
  • Men’s size chart
  • Women’s loose fit size chart
  • Their favorite Christmas carol: “Fleece Navidad”
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Still Fall

Yesterday, for the first day of fall, we sold pumpkin spice coffee.

Today, for the second day of fall, we’re selling fleece hoodies.

This seems like the correct progression to us. You start out every season celebrating what it has to offer. A new bathing suit for summer, maybe; some delightful stockings to hang on the mantle for winter; some bulbs to plant in spring.

Then, reality sets in.

That new bathing suit sure is stylish and comfortable when you wear it… once every few weeks. What’s neither stylish nor comfortable, on the other hand, is sweating through your sheets because it’s 90 degrees in your bedroom at night. Hence, you need an AC unit.

Those stockings? They’re cute. But you can’t wear them. And now your feet are freezing. Hence, you need some new boots.

And the reason you buy bulbs in the spring is because it rains a lot. And while that’s great for the flowers, it doesn’t look good to show up to work soaking wet every morning. Hence, you need a slicker.

So it goes with fall, as well. One day your sipping a pumpkin spice latte, looking at the weather app, and smiling, because the highs are getting lower and lower, settling nicely into the 70s, then the 60s, then the high 50s. The next day, though, you start to notice that the lows are also getting lower. And they’re not always landing in the pleasantly brisk territory.

So you need something warm to wear. Not a full-blown winter coat yet. Just something so you can be okay waiting for the bus when the sun hasn’t burned through the clouds yet and it’s 48 degrees out.

These are that. They’re simple, yet stylish enough, and super comfy. Plus, you get two of them, so you can always have one clean. And yeah, we know it’s not feeling entirely fall-y everywhere yet. But that’s all the more reason to order them now: so you’re ready when the cold comes.

So get a set, and be prepared.

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