2-Pack: Luminara Ivory Flameless Candles (4.5" or 6.5")

  • Created for the Haunted Mansion at Disney parks
  • Made from real wax
  • The flame part flickers in a strikingly realistic way, despite being an LED
  • Potential slogan: “Can you handle the candle?”
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Not Just Good, The Best

So, last time we sold these, we didn’t sell them hard enough.

We didn’t really stress, for example, that these are not just THE ORIGINAL faux candle, but really THE BEST faux candle around. Made from actual wax but with a strikingly realistic LED flame, these things were originally created for the Haunted Mansion in Disney parks and this brand holds the original patent. That’s pretty rad, right?

The problem is: us.

We sell a lot of things that could be generously called “budget options” and less generously “knock-offs.” And it’s not like with headphones where you see a name like Bose or Beats or whatever you know they’re the hot-shit brand because everyone knows which headphone brands are the hot-shit headphone brands.

Luminara is the hot-shit faux candle brand, but only people who, like, blog about flame-less candles would realize that.

Plus, we spent most of the last write-up making fun of the marketing copy. Which, to be fair, is pretty funny, but does not exactly inspire the correct level of confidence in the product’s quality.

All of this adds up to you seeing a couple fake candles for sale and thinking, LOL, who would pay almost thirty bucks for these things???, when the truth is, over on Amazon, where they get an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on nearly 700 reviews, just ONE of them sells for $27.99.

In other words, these aren’t the kind of cheap-o faux candles that make people say, “Oh, that’s cute!” They’re the kind of faux candle that you put in your living room and then have a friend over for a pre-dinner cocktail and when you get up to go to the restaurant and your friend says, “You want me to blow that out?”

They’re good, is what we’re saying. Very very good.

So buy some!

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